Doo Dah Nights dancers
Haygood Paisleys and Devilish Merry
Doo Dah Nights dancers
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto with Tom Powers
Heinz History Center CEO Andy Masich
Prof. Guibert’s 1913 Blue and Gray Reunion Band
Doo Dah Nights dancers
Megan Rooney (upper left) calls a dance at Doo Dan Nights

Thanks for making Doo Dah Nights a success!

For the eleventh annual Doo Dah Days: The Stephen C. Foster Music and Heritage Festival we took our event indoors to  the Spirit Hall and Lodge, 242 51st Street in Lawrenceville (the former 581 Moose Lodge). That’s why this year “Doo Dah Days” became “Doo Dah Nights.” We did this to better partner up with the City of Pittsburgh’s 200th anniversary of its incorporation festivities. As a result of holding our celebration in the evening, Mayor Bill Peduto paid us a visit following his throwing out the first pitch at the Pirate game in PNC park.

Also, as the LHS is a member in good standing with the Heinz History Center’s associates program (HCAP), we got the History Center’s president and CEO, Andy Masich to drop by to give our festivities an enthusiastic start up. Our indoor program featured Prof. Guibert and the 1913 Blue and Gray Reunion Band, the Haygood Paisleys, and Devilish Merry. The square dance portion of our program was well attended with eager dancers as you can see by the action in the photos above.

For the twelfth annual Doo Dah Days, scheduled for Friday, July 7, 2017, we’ll be back at Spirit Hall for another go-round. Check back regularly to this site for further updates.